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ClickTale upgrades

The folks at ClickTale have upgraded their app to include some new features. Included in the changes:

  • Form analytics (read about form analytics on their blog post)
  • Improved recording and playback so you can now see all visitor actions inside online forms including mouse movements, keystrokes and interactions with controls such as drop-down lists, check boxes, radio buttons, etc.
  • New aggregate cross-site reports: “Mouse Moves vs. Mouse Clicks”, “JavaScript Errors”, “Tags Report”, “Page Open Period and ActiveTime”, and “Page Load Times”
Looks like a nice upgrade.
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Omniture completes acquisition of Visual Sciences

It’s official, the deal is done. The highlights:

  • Omniture is going to continue to support the HBX product line and will continue to invest in Platform 5 and its applications under a new brand, Discover OnPremise.  Additionally, Search and Publish will initially be integrated into Omniture SiteCatalyst through Omniture Genesis while we develop a comprehensive integration plan.
  • A migration program is available for all HBX customers – providing a package of complimentary migration services and technology tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each customer. Counters the earlier highlight of “continuing to support the HBX product line” (should read “until we can kill it off).

You can view more on the Omniture site around the product direction, the migration program, support and training, etc.

BTW: if you are an HBX client, the login for HBX has moved and is well hidden on the Omniture site. You can login to HBX and other Visual Sciences applications here.

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Ask Semphonic about Omniture/Visual Sciences

If you are an HBX client (like me) you’ll be interested in attending Semphonic’s upcoming webinar. Details below:

This is your chance to hear Semphonic’s leading practitioners talk about the Omniture acquisition of Visual Sciences and ask them specific questions
around the impact, alternatives and implications!

Ask Semphonic is a FREE Q&A webinar hosted by Semphonic. You can submit questions in advance or during the webinar and hear our Analysts answer and
discuss them. Each Ask Semphonic webinar will have a main theme – kicking off with the Omniture / VS acquisition. Other measurement questions are welcome
and will be addressed time permitting.

Ask Semphonic is a follow-up to our X Change conference. Feedback from the conference overwhelmingly found the conversational format extremely useful and
asked for more web analytics “conversations.” While facilities such as the Web Analytics Forum are excellent for many questions, the conversational format
used at X Change adds a distinctive element that is hard to duplicate in any printed setting. Each Ask Semphonic session will last approximately 45-50 minutes.

WHEN: Tuesday, December 11, 2007 at 11:00am PST / 2pm EST

WHO: Semphonic’s Consultants will include Gary Angel, Breen Baker, June Dershewitz, Jesse Gross, Joel Hadary, Phil Kemelor and Paul Legutko.

Register now for this free webinar. Submit your questions to

My questions

1) Gary’s recent blog post, Don’t Settle for Leftover Turkey When it comes to Web Measurement, notes that if you are on HBX, moving to SiteCatalyst, will involve the mapping of variables, segments, etc. His comment “The longer you stay anchored in the world of HBX, the longer you’re going to be eating leftover Turkey” sounded to me like his suggestion would be to ‘move now’ rather than wait to see the migration path Omniture proposes (the gateway being one route). For those on an existing HBX contract (ours expires in Dec 2008) is it his suggestion that we contact Omniture and start the transition now giving up a portion of our paid contract with HBX? What’s the approach Semphonic and other agencies are taking with their clients?

2) For those moving from HBX to Omniture, what do you think the biggest change for them outside of tagging? The loss of Report Builder? The need to re-tool reporting/dashboards? The need to learn a new tool? Feature decisions? (e.g. to ‘Discover’ or not).

3) Is this a time to evaluate other tool options other than SiteCatalyst (e.g. IndexTools, Google Analytics) or make an assumption that ‘big is better’?

Are you an HBX client? What are your questions? What are your plans?

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From today’s Visual Sciences earnings call

Jim MacIntyre of Visual Sciences comments on Omniture’s acquisition of Visual Sciences (source: Q3 2007 Earnings Call Transcript) Glad to see:

  •  Strong commitment to support of existing customers during the coming few quarters
  • Desire to work to make the transition smooth for customers
  • Combined client base of over 4000 customers, increased efficiency and increased scale with the combined company.

Time will only tell.

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Web Analytics Demystified Fall 2007 Survey

Twice a year WA-guru Eric Peterson conducts a survey of the practitioner, vendor, and consultant landscape in an attempt to answer critical questions about web analytics. The Fall 2007 Survey is focusing on web analytics tools and will examine their distribution of deployment and overall customer satisfaction with the tools and the vendors who supply them.

Eric also does a great job sharing the results (e.g. his keynote at eMetrics San Francisco 2007) and makes the information available for download from his site.

Complete the survey and you’ll get a discount code to purchase Eric’s The Big Book of Key Performance Indicators.

Take the Web Analytics Demystified Fall 2007 Survey

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WebTrends CEO and others leave company

The Portland Business Journal is reporting that WebTrends CEO Greg Drew and three other executives have left WebTrends. Looks like the new management page on confirms this. What’s up?

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Omniture acquires Visual Sciences

No surprise here for many. It would have been nice to see things go the other way, but c’est la vie. Read the press release (VS) and read the press release (Omniture).

With this much analytics power under one roof the future will be interesting. My guess is that HBX will disappear with current clients migrated over; Visual Science will be integrated into Discover; then we’ll see someone gobble up the whole lot in this race for BI supremacy.

Other views and comments:

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HBX 4.1

Visual Sciences released HBX 4.1 today. A bunch of new features (many of them long-overdue) including:

Campaign hierarchy and reporting – You can now assign classifications to campaigns (up to 10) and report on performance across attributes. For example compare ads across properties, by ad size across various publications or more easily identify top performers or problems.

Improved dashboard management – Finally you can include a wider range of metrics (such as commerce and filtered reports), drag and drop dashboards, search across all dashboards, create dashboards that can be shared with specific users, groups or accounts (users can also subscribe to unlimited shared reports) and up to 10 dashboards are now available.

New content report – Added the Average Time Spent on Content Hierarchy.

User defined homepage – Pick what you want to see when you login

Set variables via the URL – Pass any HBX variable via the URL without having to update page code.

Password recovery/reset – Reset your password yourself.

Additionally some changes to password management, a new  localized Japanese user interface. Once I’ve had some time to play with things I’ll post some more details.

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Are we heading towards vendor consolidation in Web Analytics?

I noted at the beginning of the year in my predictions that we’d see some amalgamation among the vendors. This was confirmed a few weeks ago when Visual Sciences announced that they were looking at a number of offers with the assistance Goldman, Sachs & Co. Not surprising:

  • Omniture seems to be going gangbusters these days with new client announcements almost daily, their move earlier to acquire Touch Clarity and strong tactics to create certified analysts and resellers.
  • The free tools: Google, soon-to-launch Gatineau, etc. seem to be taking the small market users out of the mix. You might also see some amalgamation across some non-traditional tools like RobotReplay, Clicktale, Tapefailure and CrazyEgg if there isn’t sufficient revenue models maintained.

My thinking at the time was that WebSideStory (now Visual Sciences) would look to takeover their major competitor (Omniture) as a way of maintaining growth — as it seemed to be losing sales opportunities. But according to Tech Confidential it looks like continuing financial pressures at Visual Sciences, combined with lower than expected revenue for the balance of 2007, could result in the company being gobbled up by someone else.

Without a doubt, their flagship products — Visual Platform 5 and HBX — are attractive, as is Bid 2.0. Not sure where the search and content side acquired from Atomz will fit with anyone who acquires.

We’re a Visual Sciences client, so naturally this concerns me:

  • First, when talk like this begins, you often see people looking for the exit sign and that means turnover in account management, technical support, etc. as well as a loss of knowledge. Lack of continuity with a vendor is challenging.
  • Second, talk of merger/acquisition stalls sales opportunities. No one wants to enter into a contract with an ASP vendor that soon may not be on the horizon. So the downward spiral continues.
  • Third, the issue of data access always rears it’s head. What will things look like should they be taken over? Will the company’s tools still exist post-acquisition? Will costs change? On the other hand some things excite me: better service, perhaps better tools, more opportunities to ensure the metrics/standards are the same across tools.

Not that Visual Sciences is the only prospective target. Coremetrics could also be an interesting acquisition for a company like WebTrends or as a leap into bigger markets for IndexTools or Clicktracks.

Seems to me that we could end up with just a couple big guys who look after the major enterprise clients (read Fortune 500 or Fortune 1000), then lots of space for existing mid-tier players like IndexTools and Clicktracks to gobble up customers that can’t afford the annual costs of an enterprise tool, but need the in-depth analysis capabilities that you don’t get with the free tools.

Your thoughts on this change? Any other amalgamation you see on the horizon?

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Omniture purchases Touch Clarity

Well another high-profile purchase by Omniture today. Matt Belkin and company picked up Touch Clarity who’s real-time predictive modelling, data mining tools are very well assembled, thoughtfully implemented and have provided some impressive results across a number of key clients. I saw a demo a few months ago of the work they had did with Lloyds TSB and HSBC (being in banking and all) and it knocked my socks off. Will be interesting to see how they leverage this acquisition, and the recently acquired Instadia.

Read the press release

Needless to say, it will be interesting to see how WebSideStory responds to the numerous recent acqusitions by Omniture. Will WebSideStory buy out Omniture before year end as I predicted?

Stock in both companies was relatively flat on the news, holding at around $14 per share.