A look back at 2013

Coming into 2013 I made three resolutions. Here’s how I progressed with each of them:

A guideline: listen more, talk less

I felt I made some good progress here. Feedback from others was that I seemed more patient and that I was giving them the room they needed. That said, this might come back as more of a permanent guideline, than a one off experiment for the a year.

A lifestyle change: more running

I did ok here, but no where near what I hoped. Overall my RunKeeper app notes a total distance of 775.1km and a total time of 74 hours, 6 minutes in my shoes.

RunKeeper for 2013

My running dropped off dramatically in the later part of 2013 due to work commitments and my wife’s busy work travel schedule. That of course led me to look for new work at Yellow Pencil where work/life balance could be better.

I’ll have to improve here in 2014 as not running sucked.

An achievable milestone: run a half marathon or two

I did the BMO half in May with a time of 2:10, and the Fall Classic out at UBC in November with a time of 2:18. BMO I was on a path to 2:00 but a lack of water in the last 4km killed me. UBC was fine, but the lack of training made for a much different race than May’s race.

Next year, hoping for more miles and maybe a 2:00 half.

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