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Are you watching the ‘broken’ parts of your site?

In web analytics, we all can get a bit too focussed on how our/the site is doing in relation to the KPIs that you measure against. But are you watching the ‘broken’ parts of your site? I do, and here’s some suggestions on things to look for: Errors Most analytics programs gather error reports. They […]

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Learn more with Hurol Inan

I just picked up Hurol Inan’s two books Measuring the Success of your Website and Search Analytics. Hurol offers them in either PDF or print├é┬áversions and has a sweet deal if you buy both online. I’ve been a big Hurol fan for sometime now and these books just reinforce the fact that he is one […]

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Scent from internal search terms

In the the case of our site the vast majority of searches do come after people visit lower level pages in the site. What we can infer is that many users are trying to find what they are looking for by clicking on categories and links and that only when the scent dries up they […]