London Drugs

London Drugs sells thousands of products, from appliances to vitamins, in its stores and on its website. The one-stop shopping mecca is also developing a new loyalty program called LD Extras that it’s piloting with customers. The London Drugs team wanted us to evaluate both sites to make sure they were providing customers with the same great user experience online as they get when they visit a store.

The goals

  • Develop a recruitment plan for finding participants to test the sites.
  • Evaluate real users’ experiences on each site.
  • Identify key issues and provide recommendations for improvements.

Usability testing

Improving UX starts with getting first-hand feedback from users. We identified and recruited test participants from various demographics and geographic markets that London Drugs served.

We utilized research and information from London Drugs to create profiles of the types of users London Drugs needed to recruit and drafted a recruitment plan including a script that would be used when we tested each site.

Each script we developed allowed us to assess various facets of the sites and observe, first-hand, the intuitive steps users take to complete pre-defined tasks. With test participants located throughout Western Canada, we performed the sessions remotely using screen-sharing software to observe and interact with participants and record each session.

  • On London Drugs’ main website, our focus was evaluating each user’s shopping experience. We instructed each participant to perform a continuum of tasks, such as locating an item, like a four-slot toaster, going to the checkout, and even simulating payment with a credit card. This lets us observe the steps they take and how they use the navigation. Do they use the search tool, or drop-down menus?
  • The LD Extras site wasn’t live yet, so our testing process involved using static design composites, along with an interactive wireframe prototype we created. This allowed the participants to see a visual representation of the site, while clicking through some sample pages. We also assessed the user experience on both desktop and mobile.

The scripted tasks allowed us to test various cart and pickup scenarios, validate assumptions, and get more granular results.

London Drugs script


Results from the testing were later distilled into detailed findings and recommendations for London Drugs.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 2.55.36 PM

In our findings, we identified several changes that could vastly improve the users’ experience, such as adding a call to action to a page, or enhancing the styles of graphics, ways to improve certain pages, search functions, and communication with customers.