Finning Digital

The new and digital marketing platform is a single source for Finning products, services and information online combining 23 global web properties under a single revised brand and platform. The project aimed to provide “global standards, product development, and a technical platform, with regional flexibility”. The new site also provides Finning with access to comprehensive data analytics to generate sales leads and greater efficiency through the content management of a single site.


The project began in 2015 with a comprehensive assessment of Finning’s web presence that defined a list of 174 capabilities for Phase 1. With go-ahead from our board and funding in 2016, the goal was to build and launch a digital marketing platform that enables targeted, measurable, interactive marketing of products/services to convert leads into customers.

I manage the product platform within Finning Digital and worked in collaboration with regional marketing teams and other team members across our global business (Canada, South America, and UK & Ireland), and with our on-shore and off-shore development team to offer an enhanced online experience to our customers:

  • One single source for Finning products, services and information, which includes online videos to promote and demonstrate applications and solutions available for specific industries
  • Fully responsive site with the ability to view our site on multiple media devices – computer, tablet and mobile
  • Easy to use navigation
  • Ability to search and purchase parts with link through to
  • Integrates live feeds from Caterpillar regarding all new and used product ranges and engines
  • Integrations with regional CRM systems for lead management
  • Regional content such as branch locations, news, offers and careers information specific to their country of origin

It also brought a number of business benefits, including:

  • A single system for managing and publishing web content and measurement and will provide comprehensive analytic data to help fuel our digital marketing program.
  • Establishment of new global standards and best practices for web product and content development across all of Finning
  • Reduced support costs – one website vs. many
  • Provide more real-time and accurate content, which will reduce effort required to go-to-market which will fuel our business going forward
  • Comprehensive data analytics to fuel our digital marketing and lead generation

Working with our digital agency partner for delivery, we completed the following over a 7-month period:

  • Detailed content inventory and audit of all Finning sites and content
  • Development and review of all work completed to-date
  • Visual design including style guide and global photography shoot
  • Design of new Home and Landing pages
  • Information architecture (IA) / sitemap that reduced content from over 4700 global pages into ~360 pages of core content
  • Content strategy, review, and categorization and full content migration and re-mapping to new content templates
  • Implementation of Adobe Analytics and Target
  • Definition of user stories, success criteria, and mapping to capabilities
  • Solution design including new, used, rental, and non-CAT product; CRM/Boomi/Zift integrations; Investor relations integration; Form design and a branch locator
  • Hosting and build out of Dev, QA, UAT, and Production environments