City of Calgary

The City of Calgary was planning to re-platform and amalgamate it’s internal intranet platforms and technology. They planned to offer a single combined intranet site called “myCity” that would serve as a complete source of information for city employees. But a diverse set of content, information architectures, and a lack of understanding of user needs had them unaware of where to begin.

To assist we undertook user interviews with staff from every city department, at locations both at city hall and as diverse as the local dump to staff working remotely across the city. This informed both an understanding of the types of communication as well as the challenges of supporting a digital workplace. The resulting personas allowed us to guide future work and focus on user needs over opinion.

CoC personas

We conducted card sorting workshops with staff (in person, open sorts) and the public (remote, closed sorts) to understand the information architecture.

Through a number of collaborative workshops, we worked with the internal web team to identify content needs and base layouts, sketching interfaces and ideas as we went. These were later turned into detailed wireframes.

CoC home sketch

CoC wireframe 1CoC wireframe 2







To validate our design we conducted usability testing, to validate the design and organization of content, and changes required to improve outcomes. We created a detailed testing script and a clickable prototype based on static photoshop comps to enable us validate key interactions and information on the site. And final summary reporting allowed both development and design changes to be made early, improving site usage.

CoC usability script

CoC usability reporting