Business Link

Business Link acts as an entrepreneurial hub in Alberta, a place where people planning, financing or starting their businesses can go to figure out how to take the next step toward success. Their website was outdated, complicated to navigate, with many levels of content, poor way finding, and wasn’t fully responsive so missing the opportunity to attract new business that were interacting with the website on a wide a range of devices including desktop, tablet, and mobile.


Our discovery began with workshops to understand stakeholder needs, user needs, and current pain points. We spent a few days face-to-face, working collaboratively with Business Link’s team to gain insights into their overarching business goals, how the new website could support those goals, and what outcomes they wanted to achieve.

Sketching the UX

Working collaboratively we created sketches and a sitemap to give structure and a provide high-level view of the content, interaction, and navigation needs for the new site. We sketched out how content should be organized and prioritized on the site, identified the relationship and importance of various page components, where there were gaps in content, and how to reorganize existing information so that people could navigate through the new site more effectively to get to where they needed to go. By the end of the workshops we had pretty much everything we needed to get started with our work – from requirements to a flushed out user experience.

Business Link wireframe sketches

Business Link sitemap

From sketches to wireframes

We took the user experience sketches and translated them into in-browser wireframes. This allowed the all stakeholders to see how the site would be laid out and how it would look on various devices, including desktop, tablet, and smartphones. From a practical standpoint, it eliminated the need for static wireframes and Photoshop mock-ups, which sped up the design phase. We simply started with the useable code for the wireframes and gradually added a layer of styles on top.


Finished project

Business Link homepage

Business Link landing page