This week’s remainders

The email standards project “works with email client developers and the design community to improve web standards support and accessibility in email”. I hope things go as well with this as with the web standards project in moving and improving the ability of all to deliver compelling, easy-to-build email. While you are at it be sure to check out David Greiner’s great advice in Ensuring your HTML emails look great and get delivered.

I love The New York Times and how they tackle stories online. For example, view the video then read the article. Good journalism. A powerful story of a man vindicated and trying to find his place in the world. Pictures, sound, story all have their place.

Gotta love this demo video for Google Maps with My Location (Beta). The use of paper cutouts (likely from the user-concept planning) and the simple, yet straight-forward summary of the functionality. I’d love to see a financial institution doing something like this to introduce their unique value proposition or reason for online banking.

Zopa is partnering with some Credit Unions in the U.S. The relationship smartly protects lenders with Credit Union deposit insurance and no fees for lenders and borrowers, while allowing credit unions to expand their lending base. This will be interesting to watch over time, though in Canada lending isn’t a problem for credit unions, deposits are. Can you say “disintermediation” or “commoditization”.

Wufoo has released their new form gallery. Grab a pre-made form, download the HTML or add to Wufoo quick and easy.

Which foods go with other foods? Think no longer. Go to Foodpairing.

Safari (Leopard) and WordPress don’t like each other. One view and another. I’m back to two many browsers. Apple made me move to Firefox (er, actually, WASP, Firebug, SearchStatus, SEO for Firefox and the Web Developer extensions made me move to Firefox).