HBX 4.1

Visual Sciences released HBX 4.1 today. A bunch of new features (many of them long-overdue) including:

Campaign hierarchy and reporting – You can now assign classifications to campaigns (up to 10) and report on performance across attributes. For example compare ads across properties, by ad size across various publications or more easily identify top performers or problems.

Improved dashboard management – Finally you can include a wider range of metrics (such as commerce and filtered reports), drag and drop dashboards, search across all dashboards, create dashboards that can be shared with specific users, groups or accounts (users can also subscribe to unlimited shared reports) and up to 10 dashboards are now available.

New content report – Added the Average Time Spent on Content Hierarchy.

User defined homepage – Pick what you want to see when you login

Set variables via the URL – Pass any HBX variable via the URL without having to update page code.

Password recovery/reset – Reset your password yourself.

Additionally some changes to password management, a new  localized Japanese user interface. Once I’ve had some time to play with things I’ll post some more details.